Ark Foundation

Earn a variable yield and unlock referral reward levels by depositing BUSD or ARKFI.


The Ark Foundation builds a deep liquidity pool to support the swap functions, stabilize the ARKFI token price and offer a stable way to earn passive income while supplying liquidity to Ark. Only wallets with an Ark Vault account can participate in the Ark Foundation.

BOND Staking

Liquid staking whereby BUSD or ARKFI is deposited and automatically swapped and paired to create BOND, a 50/50 BUSD/ARKFI liquidity pair. All deposits are automatically staked.

Unlock Syndicate Reward Levels

  • The staked BOND value is used to unlock Syndicate reward levels and earn a variable yield.
  • The value of your staked BOND determines qualification for the Syndicate referral reward levels (1-15) and is displayed on your Ark Foundation dashboard.
  • BOND value is variable, and, to maintain certain Syndicate reward levels, additional BUSD may need to be added from time to time.

Earn A Variable Daily Yield

  • Staked BOND will earn a variable yield, based on a portion of collected taxes by the Ark Foundation, which is paid out in BUSD.
  • Your pool ownership % also fluctuates based on the total BOND staked in the pool.
  • Available Rewards are paid out from taxes based on your pool ownership % and can be withdrawn to your wallet (10% tax) or compounded (zero tax) back into your BOND stake.
  • BOND can be sold at any time (no locking, subject to 10% withdraw tax) and is paid out in BUSD.

10% Deposit/Withdrawal Tax Allocation

  • 6% goes in a rewards pool where 2% is paid out every 24 hours based on your % ownership of the pool.
  • 2% is immediately distributed to BOND stakers based on their % ownership of the pool.
  • 2% is sent to the Ark Treasury.

$ARK Deposits

  • 10% of the total ARKFI deposit amount Is swapped for BUSD to pay the 10% deposit tax. 50% of the remaining ARKFI is swapped for BUSD to create BOND.
  • A max deposit of 200 ARKFI is allowed every 24 hours.
  • The max ARKFI deposit is subject to change based on the ARKFI sell cap.
There is no limit on BUSD deposits.