Ark Vault

The backbone of the ecosystem and primary rewards protocol, earning up to 2% daily.


The Ark Vault functions like a high yield certificate of deposit (CD). ARKFI tokens deposited and locked in the Ark Vault are rewarded back over time through a sustainable tax system at a rate of up to 2% daily.

Max Payout

A max payout of 300% (3.0X) of the principal balance, up to 80,000 ARKFI tokens is allowed for each account. To reach a Principal Balance of 26,666 tokens (80,000/3.0) enabling maximum payout, a user can compound available daily rewards, earn referral rewards or make fresh capital deposits.

Daily ROI

Up to 2% is rewarded daily on Principal Balance. Rewards will cease to accrue after 24 hours unless all available rewards are withdrawn, airdropped or compounded. The daily ROI is reduced to 1% if the Net Deposit Value (NDV) becomes negative. The daily ROI can also be permanently reduced to 0.5% if the Compound:Withdraw Ratio (CWR) drops below 0.75. Please refer to the NDV and CWR sections of this whitepaper for more details.

Minimum Investment

10 ARKFI tokens (post-tax deposit). When making an initial buy, a pre-tax purchase of 11.5 ARKFI is required to open an Ark Vault account.

Maximum Investment (Deposits)

4000 ARKFI tokens = post-tax deposits + airdrops received. Once cumulative deposit reaches 4000 ARKFI, your account will not be eligible for fresh deposits or to receive airdrops.


ARKFI/BUSD liquidity for native and external swaps is provided from presale funding rounds and the Ark Foundation contract.