CWR Tips and Strategies

Planning your Ark Vault CWR strategy for smooth sailing aboard the Ark.

Follow a Split Allocation Strategy

A "split allocation" includes a percentage of compound and withdraw actions, totaling 100%.
For example, use the allocation sliders to select a 60% compound and 40% withdraw once per day. This will eliminate a lot of confusion about how CWR is calculated and stabilize your CWR value.
Example Allocation of 60% Compound and 40% Withdraw

Plan your CWR strategy

Identify your target CWR schedule before you make a deposit into the Vault. If you want to ROI faster, a 50% compound, 50% withdraw (once per day) will be most effective. If you want to grow your principal balance faster, a 60% compound, 40% withdraw (once per day) will be most effective.

Be Consistent

The best way to be consistent is to perform a split allocation each time you allocate available rewards. Even if your timing is different each day, performing the same split allocation will maintain your CWR.
If you want to follow a daily compound and withdraw schedule (i.e., 100% compound one day, 100% withdraw the next), you'll have to be very strict with the timing of your actions or let the 24 hour rewards timer expire each time.

Avoid Weekly Schedules

Do not attempt a weekly schedule. For example, compounding 4 days in a row and then withdrawing 3 days in a row. You'll run the risk of falling below 0.75 and your CWR value will swing every day.

Don't Chase a CWR Value

Avoid adjusting the allocation sliders to hit a target CWR. The "Allocate" button only displays an estimate and doesn't consider how your current action could impact your CWR in the days to come. Depending on how much time is left on the timer, you may be creating a mess in your 14 day rolling average by making small time frame allocations.

Don't Test the Lower CWR Limit

It's best to keep a nice buffer above 0.75 CWR. If the CWR value falls below 0.75, your daily ROI percentage drops to 0.5% permanently. The difference in withdraw value between a CWR of 1.0 and 0.75 is only a few dollars per day, especially in the beginning of your Vault investment. Following a CWR schedule that is close to 0.75 is not worth the risk.

Preparing for Auto Allocation

If you are planning to do Auto Allocation and want to do manual allocations beforehand, it's important to follow a split allocation schedule. If 100% compound actions are performed prior to starting auto allocation, the upper CWR limit can be reached and trigger an error. The system pays additional gas fees for transaction errors. Do not perform 100% withdraw actions before starting Auto Allocation.