The most frequently asked questions all investors should know before engaging with the Ark Fi Dapp
Who is Ark Fi?
Ark Fi is an innovative financial technology group with a focus on making DeFi simple, transparent and sustainable for the Ark Fi community. Our goal is put Ark Fi applications in the hands of mobile users across the planet and financially empower people by reducing barriers to crypto financial products.
Why should I invest in Ark Fi?
With out-of-control central banks, people are looking outside traditional finance to protect their wealth from eroding in value. The Ark Fi ecosystem of DeFi yield applications are designed to be disconnected from the volatility of traditional markets and provide a passive income source during times when investors need it most.
Can I take my investment out?
The Ark Vault acts like a Certificate of Deposit where deposited funds are permanently locked and earned out over time, at a rate up to 2% daily. The Ark Foundation is a liquid investment and can be removed at any time. Because funds in the Ark Foundation are liquid, the variable yield is much lower than the Ark Vault.
Is this a get rich quick scheme?
No. Your time horizon for an Ark Fi investment should be a minimum of 4-5 years. It is possible to get a return on your initial investment in a shorter period of time, however, as the project grows, there will be opportunities to extend your investment.
What happens if I don't get referrals?
You do not have to refer anyone to Ark Fi in order to receive the daily rewards paid out through the Ark Vault. Every account in the Ark Vault can net the same number of ARKFI tokens (max payout of 80,000). Without referrals rewards coming into your account, it will take a little longer to reach max payout but you can make fresh capital deposits or redeposit withdrawn ARKFI tokens if you wish to go faster.
Is Ark Fi private?
Your Ark Fi account is completely private. Transactions made when interacting with Ark Fi products are recorded on the blockchain using your wallet address. Your wallet is not connected to your identity and all transaction records are anonymous. There are no banks or institutions spying on your financial data, behavior or personal information.
What is DeFi?
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) challenges the established banking system (CeFi) by empowering individuals with peer-to-peer digital exchanges and financial instruments governed by smart contracts. It provides freedom of choice, privacy and total control over your crypto assets.
What are Smart Contracts?
Smart contracts are software code containing a set of rules that create financial instruments such as a high yield certificate of deposit. Investors interact with smart contracts through decentralized applications (Dapps) using a mobile phone or computer. Ark Fi is a decentralized application and the various Ark Fi products are smart contracts that interact with the blockchain so all transactions can be verified by investors (transparent system). Smart Contracts remove the "middle man" we pay for when transacting with brokers, banks, and financial institutions.
Is DeFi Regulated?
Most of the world has determined cryptocurrencies to be a commodity and not a security in the traditional sense of a stock or bond. The United States is lagging behind and has not provided clarity. However, decentralized organizations such as Ark Fi do not domicile in a country and are simply software running on blockchain servers across the world. Ark Fi products and smart contracts are independently audited, secure by design and run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC blockchain).
Why do I need a separate crypto wallet?
A crypto software wallet such as MetaMask or TrustWallet allows you to interact with decentralized applications (such as Ark Fi) online in an anonymous way. Your wallet has a key phrase that is not stored on a centralized server anywhere in the world (unlike traditional banks). So you are the sole custodian of your crypto and must keep your wallet key phrase private. It is recommended the wallet key phrase is written down and stored in at least two secure places.
Can I lose my investment?
Cryptocurrencies are an emerging investment class and past performance of similar investments doesn't guarantee future results. Never invest money you can't afford to lose. Ark Fi's philosophy is to take profits early and make a return on investment before expanding your exposure to the market. As with any online financial transactions, maintaining your device security is essential to preventing loss of funds due to phishing attacks, malware or hacking. Keep your crypto wallet key phrase written down in a secure location and never share your keys with anyone.
Can I buy the ARKFI token on an exchange?
ARKFI tokens are only available for purchase and direct deposit on the Ark Fi platform. To prevent wild swings in the price due to speculation and trading that is typical with other cryptocurrencies, the ARKFI token cannot be openly traded and can only be earned as a dividend to generate passive income for participants in the Ark Vault. The ARKFI token can be sold for BUSD stable coins on the Ark Fi decentralized exchange.
What determines the price of the ARKFI token?
ARKFI is subject to the market dynamics of supply and demand, just like any other cryptocurrency. However, we have an "Intelligent Liquidity Controller" to reduce wild swings in price and eliminate "timing the market" by unsophisticated investors. The price of ARKFI can still fluctuate within a dynamic range and there will be attractive entry and exit price points for investors to consider.
Last modified 8mo ago