Legacy NFTs

The ownership protocol of the Ark Fi ecosystem that unlocks exclusive benefits and rewards.


Legacy NFTs are an exclusive NFT with benefits only available to investors participating in the Ark Vault.
  • A wallet can only hold one Legacy NFT.
  • Once a Legacy NFT is locked in an Ark Vault account, it cannot be transferred to another wallet until max payout of 80,000 ARKFI tokens is reached.
Legacy NFTs can be minted using BUSD to benefit from higher levels of syndicate rewards, ecosystem rewards and raise the account CWR limit. Legacy NFTs also have other use cases listed below.

Use Cases

  1. 1.
    Unlock syndicate reward levels: BUSD is used to mint Legacy NFTs to unlock syndicate reward levels. Upon minting the NFT, BUSD is sent to a rewards pool and the Ark Treasury Reserve
  2. 2.
    Raise the wallet CWR limit from 1.5 up to 13.0: Legacy NFTs raise the compounding limit and allow investors to speed up the growth of their Principal Balance.
  3. 3.
    Earn ecosystem rewards: Legacy NFT holders earn a percentage of the fees from the ecosystem (based on their position in the Legacy NFT pool).
  4. 4.
    Membership in the Ark DAO: Holders of Legacy NFTs gain access to the Ark DAO, a governance organization for the ecosystem where they can vote on ecosystem changes, suggest new projects and introduce investment opportunities.
As use cases and new products are added to the Ark ecosystem, a portion of transaction fees generated will flow into the NFT rewards pool wherever possible.

Tiers & Max Supply

Legacy NFT Tiers

NFTs can be upgraded to a higher level by trading in your current NFT and depositing additional BUSD.

  • Silver upgrade to Gold: Trade in Silver NFT + 3,000 BUSD
  • Gold upgrade to Platinum: Trade in Gold NFT + 6,000 BUSD

Pool Ownership (if 100% minted)

Legacy NFT Pool Ownership

CWR Limits

Legacy NFTs Increase CWR Limits

Where do the Legacy NFT rewards come from?

Holders of the Legacy NFT earn a variable reward, paid out in BUSD, based on their ownership % of the Legacy NFT pool.
  • 20% of the NFT minting cost goes to the NFT rewards pool where 2% is paid out every 24 hours based on the holder’s ownership % in the Legacy NFT pool
  • The balance of the NFT minting cost goes to the Reserve pool of the Ark Treasury where outside investments grow the size of the NFT rewards pool.
  • When ARKFI is bought or sold, 1.5% of the fees go to the NFT rewards pool.
In the near future, Legacy NFTs will be tradable on a native marketplace.