Legacy Savings Account

Use your BUSD or ARKFI tokens to save for a Legacy NFT.


The Legacy Savings Account (LSA) allows participants to deposit ARKFI tokens tax-free.
Once your account balance reaches 1000 BUSD in value, a Silver NFT will be minted to your wallet.
The LSA can also be used to qualify for spARK prizes, referral reward levels and Legacy NFT upgrades.


  • BUSD or ARKFI may be deposited into the LSA.
  • ARK tokens deposited are swapped for BUSD with zero sales tax (13% savings).
  • Deposited ARKFI tokens are sent to the Vault (virtual burn).
  • The BUSD account balance cannot increase unless additional deposits are made (no yield is paid on the account balance).
All LSA deposits are locked and cannot be withdrawn.

spARK Rewards and Referral Levels

As your LSA balance increases, the following benefits are unlocked:
  • Once 250 BUSD in value is reached, the depositor qualifies for the daily spARK drawing and level 1 referral rewards.
  • Once 500 BUSD in value is reached, the depositor qualifies for level 2 referral rewards.
  • Once 1000 BUSD in value is reached, the depositor receives a Silver NFT and all the benefits for the Silver NFT.
Growing Your LSA Balance Unlocks Benefits
To activate the benefits of your new Silver NFT, it must be unlocked through your Legacy NFT dashboard.

Referral Level Stacking

In the case where the participant has a Legacy NFT, the LSA balance can be used to stack additional referral reward levels on top of their Legacy NFT.
Referral level options for Silver and Gold Legacy NFTs
For example, if you have a Silver Legacy NFT, the 4th level of referral rewards can be added when the LSA account balance is 500 BUSD or more.

Legacy NFT Upgrades

NFT upgrades can also be achieved through the LSA.
  • Silver upgrade to Gold when your account balance reaches 3,000 BUSD.
  • Gold upgrade to Platinum when your account balance reaches 6,000 BUSD.


  • No refunds will be given and no withdrawals can be performed.
  • In the case where all of the Legacy NFTs have been minted, only the value above 500 BUSD will be refunded. Please see examples below.
Example 1: If your LSA balance is 750 BUSD, you will be refunded 250 BUSD.
Example 2: If your LSA balance is 500 BUSD, no refund will be given.