Quick Start Guide

Skip the learning and start earning.

1. Connect

  • Connect a MetaMask or other supported Web3 wallet to the Ark dApp website:

2. Swap & Deposit

  • Visit the native swap page and enter a referral address.
  • Exchange BUSD or BNB for ARKFI.
  • All purchased ARKFI is automatically deposited into your Ark Vault account:
  • Deposited ARKFI are locked and can only be earned back as rewards at an initial rate of 2% every 24 hours.

3. Allocate Rewards

  • The Ark Vault ( is a “pay yourself first” platform and a balanced approach to compounding and withdrawing available rewards is encouraged. When rewards are available, use the allocation sliders to split rewards between compounding and withdrawing.
Before taking any actions on the Ark Vault dashboard, please review the CWR Tips and Strategies page.
CWR Tips and Strategies Video

4. Withdrawing

  • A withdraw action sends the selected % of available rewards to your wallet and can be redeposited back into your Vault account, deposited into the Foundation for additional earnings, or sold on the Swap page for BUSD.

5. Compounding

  • A compound action sends the selected % of available rewards to your principal balance and will increase your max payout. The more you compound, the greater your rewards become until you reach a maximum paid out of 80,000 ARKFI.

6. Get Referrals

  • Earn 5% on all deposits from other investors you refer to the Ark Vault using your referral link. By earning referral rewards and making frequent deposits, your Net Deposit Value (NDV) will remain positive longer, maintaining the 2% daily rewards.