Syndicate Rewards

Earn rewards for referring others and accelerate the ROI of your Ark Vault account.


An Ark team is known as a “Syndicate” and team-building is encouraged by rewarding leaders with both direct and indirect referral rewards up to 15 levels deep. Rewards are paid directly into the account Principal Balance and added to your NDV balance to help maintain a 2% daily ROI.


Deposit Rewards

  • 5% of all deposits from direct referrals (level 1) get paid to the direct upline wallet
  • If the direct upline wallet doesn't qualify for referral rewards, the 5% deposit reward goes to the Ark Vault (tax vault)

Compound Rewards

  • 5% of compounds enter a Round Robin system, paying 15 levels upline before resetting
    • Disqualified levels are skipped
    • The Guardian Wallet is the highest occupied level
    • Unoccupied levels above the Guardian Wallet forfeit the 5% to the Guardian Wallet
Below are the USD values of BOND or Legacy NFT needed to access deeper levels of rewards from your Syndicate.
Syndicate Reward Levels

BOND Boost

Stack referral reward levels on top of your Legacy NFT by increasing your BOND stake value in the Ark Foundation.
To determine how much BOND is required to qualify for additional levels, please view the table below.
BOND Boost options for Silver and Gold Legacy NFTs
For example, if you have a Silver Legacy NFT, the 4th level of referral rewards can be added by maintaining a BOND stake value of $500 or more.
Adding BOND value doesn't change any benefits of the Legacy NFT and only affects the referral reward level qualification.